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Inclusive atmosphere

We cater to all fitness levels, you’re never the odd one out!

Goal Setting & Tracking

Create a clear plan to progress towards your goals

Small Class Sizes

You’ll never be lost in the crowd

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♥ for CF YYZ

Best way to start a new week! 6am with Cindy at CrossFit YYZ. Love the new location and of course the programming and coaching!

Crystal Noble Senior Account Manager | Hospital for Sick Kids

I’ve been with the gym for little under 2 months and feel a great change. The classes are small and personal. Staff is knowledgable and generally care for your welfare. I recommend them to anyone who wants to make the change.

Paul Lampa Chef | Food Stylist

I am 53 years old and several years ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Under Cindy’s patient yet firm coaching, my body has performed tasks it never has before and I’m simply tickled. Just say YES!

Monica Frey Director of Creative & Client Services | First Choice Strategic

A supportive and positive environment. The professionalism and expertise of the team helps you set personal goals with the confidence that you are in a safe environment. I cant say enough about how amazing place is. It is my happy place!

Alice Taylor Manager of Communications & Events | Sinai Health Systems

I have tried a few CrossFit boxes in the Toronto area and I will say that without a doubt CrossFit YYZ has been the best experience for me.

Graham Meneray Vice President | Global Investment Banking | RBC Capital Markets

WOD 2018.02.20

Warm Up: For Quality: 1 length bear crawl 1 length inchworm 1 length beast walk   1 length bent arm bear crawl 1 length hollow inchworm 1/2 length later beast walk left. 1/2 right   […]

WOD 2018.02.16

Warm up: 3 RFQ: 10 banded pull aparts 10 push ups 10 banded side steps   foam roll lats   Strength: 6 sets: a1. 4 1 & 1/4 bench press a2. 2 chin ups, 3 […]

WOD 2018.02.15

Warm up: 3RFQ: 10 banded side steps 10 banded f/w & b/w steps 1 length twisting bear crawl   ankle mobility calf mobility   Strength: Shrimp Squats + Progressions Superset: 4 sets of 10 Shrimp […]

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