Today's the Day!

Getting started is an easy process. Attend an intro class. Book your two personal training on-ramp session. Join your peers in our CrossFit classes. Just like that! 

Free Introductory classes are on Saturdays at 10am! Promo code: YYZ1FREE

Two Private On-Ramp Sessions

So you've taken your intro class. Now, onto bigger things. Each member has two private training sessions to complete before joining the classes with their peers. This is to ensure proper and thorough assessment of movement, mobility and address any previous injury. You will also be introduced to basic movements in CrossFit. This is the beginning of your learning. In these sessions, you will also discuss your goals (inside and outside the gym) with your coach. This is so we know who you are, so we can help you get closer to achieving all of your goals!  

CrossFit Classes

Now, you're all ready to go! You can join your fellow members in any class on the schedule. We cap all of our class sizes at 6 to ensure proper coaching and attention. This is a place to practice what you've learned and develop your skills! We take everything slow and controlled before adding intensity. Our classes are able to accommodate any fitness level! Pick your membership below ♥

Flexible membership options for all schedules

Personal Training

Think you need a little more attention and guidance? Personal training is the best way to tackle your specific goal or overcome individual challenges (like injury, physical limitation, etc). Set big goals, then achieve them! Email us for a fully personalized program, just for you.