There’s More To Life Than Diet And Exercising

The new year is a funny time in nutrition and fitness. Funny in that everyone wants to do a crazy low carb, high carb, all fat, no fat, fruitatarian, egg shell protein only whatever whatever diet.

Everyone wants to do things 10000x and cut out the rest. Everything becomes second best to your nutrition and #fitness goals. And if you're one of those people who are on a new year diet or challenge, I commend you! I am one of these people. I love making changes in the new year. I am so inspired by anyone who wants to make a better life for themselves! 

But in the process of #livingyourbestlife, keep the following in mind.

  1.  There is more to life than a diet or working out. Funny to hear a gym owner say this but life is so much more than a strict diet and lifting all the weights. You are a full human being outside of the things you eat and lift. When you slip up during your training program or diet, remember that this journey is about #progress not #perfection. Eat real nutrient dense food and move your body every single day whether it be in the gym or out. 
  2.  See the bigger picture outside. Many nutritional diets and challenges have bigger messages than just losing weight or staying 100% strict. Bigger messages like raising awareness about where our food comes from and how we as consumers affect this process. Bigger messages like teaching you to cook your own meals, navigate a grocery store in confidence or reading a #nutrition label/ingredient label. Or the biggest message, living a longer and fuller life so we can continue to be with our loved ones. Vanity is vanity and we all have insecurities. However, a pretty life is nothing compared to a beautiful life.
  3. Lastly, focus on others. At the beginning of the year, everyone is so tied into bettering themselves that many times everyone around them becomes a non-priority. Sharon, is a non-priority because she doesn't contribute to my "6x a week training schedule + 150 day eating clean challenge." Perhaps Sharon is going through a tough time and binge eating as a result. Maybe she doesn't have the tools to live her best life. Remember to extend an olive branch because we are all humans who all have the same fate at the end of the day. Giving to others is really what gives our lives meaning.

So go conquer that 30 day nutrition challenge or take up CrossFit, Yoga, Pilates, WHATEVER, but also celebrate who are you as a whole person because there's more to life than diet and exercise.

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